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Oasis Maria Santissima

The Institute of Hospitalization and Treatment of a Scientific Character Oasi Maria SS. ONLUS is a nationally important body that sets itself scientific research objectives.

It deals with services and highly specialized hospitalization and treatment «for the multidisciplinary study of the congenital and acquired causes of mental retardation and senile cerebral involution, identification of means of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation». The recognition of IRCCS was obtained by the Oasi Maria SS. ONLUS in 1988, with an interministerial decree from the Ministry of Health in agreement with the Ministry of Public Education, reconfirmed in 1993 and subsequently in 2006, according to the provisions of Legislative Decree 288/03.

La "open city" is a multidimensional concept that expresses the horizon on which the Oasis has inscribed its identity and the various creations conceived and built "in the name" and "for" man in the perspective of a free and reconciled world, where the destiny of each is linked to the recognition of the other.

Beyond "physical place" or specific structures, "the open city" is an "other" place that encompasses:

  • a way of looking at reality and giving meaning to life;
  • an itinerary to welcome the Trinitarian call and become collaborators for the realization of the salvation project; 
  • the aspiration to build a new model of society where integration overcomes any form of marginalization in relation to any sort of weakness and where the centrality and dignity of the human person is guaranteed because "everyone is someone to love";
  • a personal and interpersonal lifestyle oriented by the values ​​of peace, freedom, justice, human dignity and respect for the environment;
  • a cultural, formative and educational proposal;
  • the orientation to build a development where solidarity and well-being for all are combined.

As such, "the open city" goes beyond the boundaries of the Oasis and becomes an offer "open" to all.

Father Ferlauto writes: “an intelligent and human city capable of mediating the demands of a society that wants to acquire its own identity. A place where citizens discover and live as equals in the logic of understanding that arises from solidarity. A place where it is natural to live free from the fear of the irrational clash of one against the other. A city that "proposes", experiments and demonstrates that the marginalization of the disabled, the elderly and the weak has no reason to exist and the community can grow in the harmony of normal coexistence. A city that does not conjugate homo homini lupus but that lives life and progresses in the serene and significant light of peace ... It can make room for new lifestyles, a new conception of work, new production rhythms and a different location of study-work-leisure in the individual life cycle; voluntary work and the recovery of private initiative can be encouraged; many things can and must be done to integrate the critical and constructive contribution of young people into society”.



House Troina is the first independent portal specialized in the promotion and enhancement of the real estate assets of the municipality of Troina.