In the historic center of Troina there is a huge real estate heritage waiting to be renovated and inhabited. Through the "Houses for 1 euro" project, uninhabited houses are sold at a symbolic price in order to revitalize and repopulate the ancient quarters of the medieval village.

Case a 1 euro

Come and live in the Borgo di Troina

Are you thinking of spending holidays and rest in an intact environment, away from the chaos of big cities, where history, culture, nature, good food, a welcoming spirit and well-being are the protagonists of a healthy lifestyle?
The ancient medieval village of Troina is the place you were looking for! The enchanting landscapes of the Nebrodi and Etna, the evocative alleys of the historic centre, the beauty of the monuments, the smells and flavors of the past will make you live in a context of other times.

In an open and supportive city

Since 1953 it has been the seat of the'Oasi Maria SS., an IRCCS dealing with the care of the disabled and mentally retarded. Troina promotes the values ​​of solidarity and aspires to build a new model of society where integration overcomes all forms of marginalization and where "weak" and "strong" can coexist and share because "everyone is someone to love".

Under one of the "most beautiful skies in Italy"

Troina was the first village in southern Italy to obtain certification “The most beautiful skies in Italy” da “Astronomical Italy” for the beauty of the starry sky and for the commitment to protect and enhance the celestial heritage.

In a village of culture

A place of meetings, international exhibitions, study seminars, debates and restoration initiatives, in recent years Troina has been characterized by a certain cultural vitality. The city has hosted important exhibitions of photography, with shots by Robert Capa, and of painting, exhibiting works by Tiziano Vecellio, Pieter Paul Rubens, Luca Giordano, Salvator Rosa and other important artists.

In the highest monumental square in Sicily

It is the only Sicilian square that rests its foundations on the walls of a mighty fortification of the Hellenistic age and its complex stratification tells more than two thousand years of history.
It is the highest monumental square in Sicily and the most evocative architectural belvedere on Etna: from above it dominates the valley that leads to the Plain of Catania and on clear mornings it is possible to admire the Gulf of Augusta.

In the first Norman capital of Sicily

In the XNUMXth century the Normans led by Ruggero I chose Troina as the capital of the conquest of the island and, due to its strategic position, which guaranteed full domination of the territory, as a political and military seat for about thirty years.

In the south gate of the Nebrodi Park

Located on the extreme southern slopes of the hill, at 1121 meters above sea level, the Municipality of Troina owns 4.200 hectares of woods and is one of the largest landowners in the Nebrodi Park.

In a Virtuous Municipality

Respect for the environment, good practices, promotion of eco-sustainable lifestyles characterize the numerous projects to enhance the territory. Thanks to an efficient management system, Troina has reached 75% of separate collection, becoming one of the most recyclable Sicilian municipalities.
In 2020 Troina ranked first in the national prize “Virtuous Municipalities”.

In one of "The most beautiful villages in Italy"

Since 2019 Troina has joined the prestigious club of "The most beautiful villages in Italy” thanks to its suggestive historic center and its extraordinary historical-artistic and monumental heritage.

In a gay friendly city

A choice of field that has opened the community to gender tourism to promote new forms of hospitality without discrimination.

House Troina is the first independent portal specialized in the promotion and enhancement of the real estate assets of the municipality of Troina.